Call To Action: Public Consumption SB 307


Call To Action: SB 307 Public Consumption

Provides for regulation by Oregon Liquor Control Commission of consumption and sale of marijuana items at temporary events, including licensure of premises on which temporary events are held.


Dear Representative _____________,

As one of your constituents, as well as a strong supporter of legal and regulated cannabis in Oregon, I am writing to encourage you to vote YES on SB307 for cannabis social consumption and event permits.

Currently, adults and patients who purchase cannabis in Oregon have nowhere to consume it legally unless they own their own home. This has led some otherwise well intentioned users to consume openly on sidewalks or in public parks, as a recent Portland Mercury article explained. SB 307 would establish a common-sense policy for social consumption. By allowing social consumption of cannabis by responsible adults within designated and licensed areas, SB 307 would reduce problems associated with public use.

Additionally, this would facilitate a robust cannabis industry as well as an educated consumer base in Oregon. I strongly believe Oregon can become a national destination for cannabis, given the chance to implement some common-sense social consumption policies.

As a (parent, patient, consumer, renter, retailer, business owner, etc.), this bill is very important to me because it would (give me a safe place to consume not around my children, give me a safe place to consume outside of my home, give me a safe place to recommend to my customers many of whom are tourists, encourage an educated & informed consumer, lay the foundation for a robust industry, increase tourism, etc.).

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,



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